Connection timed out after X milliseconds

This error message means we couldn't connect to your server after X/1000 seconds (generally 60 seconds). The cause may be a network glitch, your server is down/unreachable, etc.

If the problem is persistent, please double check your website and see if it's still online or not. If it's down, please contact your hosting provider ASAP and ask them to check and fix it for you.

If the problem vanishes, hopefully it's just a network glitch, and it solves itself.



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    Rafael Perin

    I deleted the active processes and I'm still receiving countless actions. What happened to the server ??

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    I've had 116 error messages about cron jobs that have failed in the last hour. The troubling thing about that is I had no jobs scheduled to run within the past hour. Also, log files on don't show any errors. What is going on?!?!

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